Your Party Party! DJ usually arrives to set up about an hour in advance of your guests. That way everything is in ready and there's music playing when people begin to filter in. Arrangements for early or late set-up can be made under special circumstances.


Each time a Party Party! DJ goes to work, the heart of their system is two Mackie SM-450 speakers, Each speaker has a 450 watt amplifier built-in. They sound great playing dinner music and then, if you need it, they'll make your chest pound without hurting your ears.



We use a NuMark mixer and are fully digital where music players are concerned

Normally, your DJ will have a corded microphone on a 20'cord. You are welcome to use this microphone for announcements, speeches, etc., but the person speaking must be within 15 feet, or so of the DJ table, preferably behind the speakers. A wireless microphone, is available to rent for an additional $50.00.

All you need to provide is a table (6 foot banquet table is ideal) and a regular plug in.


Chauvet Derby X - Bank of six, crisp and powerful beams with wide coverage works great with Antari Fog Machine.

(The lighting effect in this photo has been digitally enhanced)